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Metrohm release a diverse array of talented producers who like to push their own boundaries. Recent artists and remixers include the likes of Joey Beltram, DJ 3000, Samuel L Session, Zzino & Guss Carver, Karim Sahraoui, Paul Nazca, Jules Wells & Laurent Maldo, Chris Honorat, Millimetric, Tevatron, Clement Naglik...

Supported and played by Laurent Garnier, Christian Smith, Derrick May, Fabrice Lig, Ian O'Donovan, DJ 3000, P-Ben, Dan Curtin, Angel Molina, Anderson Noise, Lionel Weets, Laurent Maldo, Stanny Franssen, Aki Bergen & Richter, Josh Love, Antwon Faulkner, Nick Bjelopetrovich, Jonas Bering, Anton X, D'Jamency...

Jesus, label manager & Founder

Welcome to Metrohm

Inspired by
the fathers of Techno

Many DJs/producers
have trusted us

Samuel L Session
Joey Beltram

DJ 3000
Paul Nazca

Karim Sahraoui
Chris Honorat

Laurent Maldo

Guss Carver


Clément Naglik

DJ Tuttle
and many more...

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